You Know! HD Checkin’ in. Now, I had to get screened and a background check done to sit down with the beautiful Miss Moze’e. Celeste, hands down, is smashing the game. Her mindset on the industry is superb and ready to be activated. Ladies, if your a Diva, this is the brand you need to get with!

Instagram@a_celeste_mozee IMG_3100

About Goddess Clothing

It is more than just a business; it’s more than a clothing line. Goddess Clothing represents the culmination of passion and drive. Celeste Moze’e is passionate about creating pieces that speak to every woman, and driven to present a brand that offers effortless versatility. Motivated by her own style, Goddess Clothing’s current collection boasts casual wear including t-shirts, hats, hoodies, tank/panty set and knee socks, active wear and lingerie. Goddess Clothing will launch and be available for purchase early 2018.


About Celeste Moze’e

Celeste Moze’e is the lead designer and primary model for Goddess Clothing, a comfortable shift from her history in pageantry. Celeste had intentions of being a writer, publishing her first book of collected poems Naked, in 2011 ( When asked if she missed the pen, she replied, “I am all things well. That’s what a Goddess is. I can write book #2 and design my men’s t-shirt line; I can do it all”. Celeste’s motivation for Goddess Clothing is simple-she loves clothes and enjoys being a woman. “I have not reinvented the fashion wheel; I’m just coloring it my favorite hues”.

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