Be Apart Of The Inner Circle Rotation!

Our first We Are the Inner Circle, tape in 2013, was a big success, featuring a variety of artists from New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, California, Baltimore, and more cities. This tape set the notion that the Inner Circle is always ahead of the curve when it comes to scoping relevant acts in every city.
In 2015, we would release a Tri-State artist specific follow-up to our first radio show’s mixtape. This tape, Kool Kidz Radio, garnered plenty attention digital-wise because of the caliber of names featured on this project.
Now, following our trend of compilation tapes every two years, the Inner Circle is giving buzzing independent creatives a new platform to broadcast their music. Tied with DJ servicingsocial media promotion, and radio play, this upcoming Inner Circle Rotation mixtape serves to spotlight your name and brand as we get closer to the 4th quarter!
Once we have approved the record, an initial agreement fee is required to hold your place. With that comes a full 30 days of promotion on the Inner Circle Rotation for said single.
If you need a cover art, further shows, or would like to discuss shooting/servicing a visual for said record, we can assess with that further.
Numbers for contact are:
CHAD LAW – 631 552 9556
DJ YOU KNOW HD – 704 750 1309
MAC VICK – 631 740 5167

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